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About Our Buildings

SW Backyard Buildings provide a perfect addition to your backyard living space. Whether you’re looking for a spot to store your tools, garden equipment, or even need additional living space, our buildings are designed with esthetics and convenience in mind.  Buildings are made with quality materials and are easy to install, making them a perfect addition to any backyard.

We understand that not all backyards are the same so we offer a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs. With SW Backyard Buildings you’ll always have the perfect place to store your stuff and create the perfect backyard escape! 

SW Backyard Buildings offer quality construction and durable materials to ensure that your shed lasts for years to come. Our modern designs are sure to fit any backyard aesthetic. Our sheds are maintenance-free and easy to install either by you the homeowner or our team of expert installers, so your new shed can be set up in no time.  With SW Backyard Buildings you can trust that your new shed will be well-constructed and look great for years to come.

SW Backyard Buildings are manufactured as panels (wall panels / roof panels) in our climate-controlled facility then transported to the installation site;  this allows for our buildings to be installed on sites easily, even sites that might be inaccessible using sheds from companies that ship fully assembled structures. 


SW Backyard Buildings feature 2x4 frame construction, cedar accents, 40-year painted metal siding in a variety of colours and standard 32” door with locking handle. 


Optional features include extra doors, windows, pressure treated floor/base, wall insulation, paneled interiors, utility shelving and even built-in furnishings.

Shed components being built and fitted in our climate-controlled facility.

Setting up_edited.jpg

Once the components are complete, the entire structure is transported to the installation site in panels. Typically customers have concrete pads poured to provide a permanent base.  If concreate is not feasible, SW Backyard Buildings offers pressure-treated wood bases with plywood floors.  Walls are erected in 'tip-up' style, then roof panels are installed onto the walls.  

Wall sills are anchored to the concrete pad or to the floor base. 

Trim and doors are installed followed by any accessories like windows, wall panelling, shelving and other add-ons.

Your SW Backyard Building is now complete and ready for use!

"Tip-up" walls in the process of being erected on site, awaiting roof panels. 

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