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Colour Options

Our high quality siding and roofing material is corrugated painted steel featuring a 40-year finish.

Our standard colour is Midnight Black.

Other colours shown in the chart below are available by special order. 
Please note that delays may occur for some colours. 

Note: You can right-click on the image and press "open image in new tab" to see an expanded version.

Siding / Roof Colour Options

Steel siding Colour options
Accent Colours.JPG

Accent Colour Options

Door Options

Our doors are manufactured onsite to specifications.  Doors are designed in a style that will perfectly match your shed. Standard doors are 34" wide by 84" high

Entry system closeup
Inside entry door
Door hardware closeup

Doors can be upgraded to 36" width or, if you require even more clearance, we also offer an upgrade to a double door system providing 60"-width (2-30" doors).  

You can also specify a steel door, or we can even build to have your own door fitted to the shed.

Base Options

The base is the foundation for your shed.  There are several options for your base:

Concrete Pad.jpg

Concrete Base
This is by far the strongest and most permanent method of floor base installation.  A concrete pad is poured with the same footprint as the shed walls, which are lag-bolted directly to the concrete.  Please note that SWBackyard is not able to install concrete slabs, you will need to find a reliable local contractor to perform this step.  Alternatively, the good news is you can quite easily pour your own concrete slab as a DIY weekend project!  Here's a sample step by step instruction: Home Depot - How to Build a Concrete Patio Slab

gravel base preparing for shed installation

Patio Stone Base
strong base can also be created from 24"-square patio stones placed together to create a flat surface on which your new shed can be placed.  Optimally, a layer of 4"-6" gravel will be installed under the patio stones for drainage and leveling purposes.

Wood Base.jpg

Wood Base
The third option for a shed base is to order a wooden base from us here at SWBackyard.  Our wood base is made with pressure treated 2x4 joists and 5/8" plywood floor deck. A gravel / HPB base is best however the wood base can be placed directly on grass or pavement.  This option works best when the ground is already flat and smooth.  It may be the only option if earth-moving is not possible, or if the location of your shed will be temporary. 

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