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Colour Options

Our high quality siding and roofing material is corrugated painted steel featuring a 40-year finish.

The chart below shows all available colours. 

Midnight Black and White are stock colours, all other colours are by special order. 
Delays may occur for some colours. 

Note: You can right-click on the image and press "open image in new tab" to see an expanded version.

Steel Colours.jpg

Door Options

Our doors are manufactured onsite to specifications.  Doors are designed in a style that will perfectly match your shed. Standard doors are 32" wide by 84"


Doors can be upgraded to 34" or 36" width.  If you require more width, we also offer an upgrade to a double door system starting at 48" (2-24" doors) up to 72"-width.  

You can also specify a steel door, or we can even build to have your own door fitted to the shed.

Base Options

The base is the foundation for your shed.  There are several options for your base:

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