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The SWBackyard Shed will make a practical yet beautiful addition to the lifestyle space you have carefully crafted in your backyard. With spacious interiors, high ceilings and rugged construction your new SW Building will serve you and your family for years to come.


With factory-built components and a tip-up construction system, our sheds require minimal time to install. Our professional installers will come to your property to install, or you can quite easily install it yourself if you wish (minimum two people required).


The SWBackyard 10' x 10' features:


  • 10-ft x 10-ft outside dimensions
  • Contemporary sloped-roof design
  • Residential construction-grade 2x4 frame
  • 34" wide custom-built entry system
  • Photo-realisitc Aluzion aluminum corner accents
  • Metal siding with 40-year warranty
  • Metal roofing
  • Aluminum soffit
  • Painted wood fascia & corner caps



10-ft x 10-ft SWBackyard Shed

PriceFrom C$5,299.00
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